Membership for 2020 Season

With COVID restrictions, we are are only going to get a limited amount of Cricket in this year, if any at all. This means that activity and participate around the club has been non existent up until the end of may and will be reduced for the remainder of the summer months. As a result, we have not had the opportunity to collect membership and match fees from everyone.

With a lot of people on a reduced working schedule, we recognise those additional financial difficulties. However costs of running the club still remain, with spending on insurance, grounds maintenance and upgrading the club house to make it suitable for COVID guidelines that may be put in place. We thank all members who have paid memberships already and encourage all other members to support the club over the coming season.

The LCC committee met on May 21st and it was agreed that we should encourage members to pay at least some subscriptions this year, by bank transfer. It was agreed that the club reduce membership fees by up to 50% for the 2020 season. 

The updated fees and bank details are on our membership page

Paying membership by bank transfer will:

  • Help the club cover expenses incurred in the year to date.
  • Allow you to train at club facilities and play in matches. This will be more tightly monitored as only Club Members will be able to participate this year due to COVID restrictions.
  • Help the club cover expenses required to make the Club COVID ready.

Members who pay their subscriptions are also asked to make an additional voluntary where they can afford to do so. Also, you can purchase one of our new club Jerseys for an additional €25 euro, which has been designed by the wonderful graphic designer Dan Dixon. 

For those who have paid memberships already, we thank you and will offer a 50% refund, or for you to carry over that portion of your subs to next year. Or give you free Jerseys. Whatever you wish!

Thanks and look forward to seeing you at the Castle Farm at some point in the near future.

Michael Condon, Chairman

Lismore Cricket Club.