Join Lismore Cricket Club

Sarath and Gary at the match against Theatrical Cavaliers in 2016

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Cricket is a great way to play sport in a team no matter what your skill, age or fitness levels are. We often have three generations playing in the one match, and that social and inclusive approach to sport is one that we encourage here at Lismore. If you are new to the area, or have been living here for years and want to play cricket then please get in contact. Like all clubs, we need members to thrive so we make sure that new members of all ages and abilities are welcomed and encouraged to take part. 

Our membership fees are one of the lowest in the country, as we want to encourage as many people as possible to join and play.

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Benefits of Club Membership

Junior Training on a Summer’s Evening

Being a member of the club gives you:

  1. access to the club facilities and the grounds.
  2. preference in selection over non-paid members for matches (regardless of ability).
  3. voting and nomination rights at the Club AGM / EGM.
  4. discounts on cricket equipment that can be purchased through the club
  5. Family members can book the club premises for a family function at a nominal charge.

Subscriptions can be paid to any of the committee members, to team captains, to the Youth Coordinator.  Full and family membership can be paid by installments through agreement with the Club Treasurer.