Lismore Cricket Club’s 2024 AGM

Last night, the Lismore Cricket Club hosted its much-anticipated Annual General Meeting (AGM), drawing in a robust turnout from dedicated members eager to contribute to the club’s future. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and a shared commitment to furthering the club’s legacy within the community.

The AGM, a cornerstone event for any organisation, serves as a platform for reflection on past achievements, discussion of challenges faced, and strategic planning for the future. This year’s gathering was no exception, as members engaged in spirited discussions about ways to enhance the club’s operations, expand its reach, and nurture talent within its ranks.

One of the highlights of the evening was the Election of officers – whereby the club executive is was re-elected, leading to a stable foundation in 2024. This bodes well for the club’s continued success and underscores its importance as a vibrant hub for cricket enthusiasts in the Lismore area.

Another key point of discussion was the approval of the minutes from the previous year’s AGM, providing a comprehensive record of the club’s activities and decisions. Members who were unable to attend the meeting in person need not worry, as they can easily request a copy of the AGM minutes by contacting the Secretary. This ensures transparency and inclusivity within the club, allowing all members to stay informed and involved in its affairs.

As the evening drew to a close, there was a palpable sense of optimism and camaraderie among those in attendance. The AGM had served not only as a forum for addressing important club matters but also as a celebration of the shared passion for cricket that unites its members.

Looking ahead, the Lismore Cricket Club is poised to build upon the momentum generated by the AGM and continue its mission of promoting the sport, fostering community spirit, and providing opportunities for players of all ages and abilities to participate and excel.

In conclusion, the success of last night’s AGM speaks volumes about the strength and resilience of the Lismore Cricket Club and the unwavering dedication of its members. With their continued support and collective efforts, the club is primed for a bright and prosperous future, both on and off the field.

Chairman for 2022 – Ben Huskinson

This year is an important one for the our Cricket Club – it is the 150th year anniversary since the first record of a Club Committee and full season of games in 1872. Over that time the club has seen a varying degree of success, and most recently have enjoyed a revival in recent years. We will be celebrating this event during the summer of 2022, so keep an eye out on our website and social media channels for news. I’d like to thank the Club Committee, particularly Dan Dixon, Adrian Stack and Michael Condo. Mark Hunter and Suzanne Cotter for all their hard work in helping run the Club.  They and the other members have been a great help in improving our grounds, clubhouse and facilities to help ensure that this small but vibrant club has a bright future for the next generation to come. Having completed the shed, we will be completing building renovations, purchasing wicket covers and a heavy roller by the end of this year, to ensure that the only club with an all-grass wicket in Munster provides good games and a traditional setting in which to play the game. We have a membership register of around 40 members and field a league team in Division 3 of the Munster League.  as well as our social team that hosts friendlies with visiting teams from across Ireland and the UK. We welcome all who have an interest in this wonderful game to our grounds and look forward to seeing you down at the Castle Farm. Yours in cricket, Ben Huskinson Club Chairman, 2022.

Membership for 2020 Season

With COVID restrictions, we are are only going to get a limited amount of Cricket in this year, if any at all. This means that activity and participate around the club has been non existent up until the end of may and will be reduced for the remainder of the summer months. As a result, we have not had the opportunity to collect membership and match fees from everyone.

With a lot of people on a reduced working schedule, we recognise those additional financial difficulties. However costs of running the club still remain, with spending on insurance, grounds maintenance and upgrading the club house to make it suitable for COVID guidelines that may be put in place. We thank all members who have paid memberships already and encourage all other members to support the club over the coming season.

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AGM – Friday 8th February

The club’s annual general meeting will be held in the Red House on Friday 8th February, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.  Image result for REd House LIsmore

The 2018 Minutes have been circulated already and will be taken as read on the night. If you would like a copy of the minutes, please email

Things that will be covered include..
  • Entering 2 teams into the League and Cup, and a social team to play RTE, The Cavs etc.
  • Kevin O’Brien Easter cricket camp (to be held on the 15th 16th April)
  • Under 15 and U13 League
  • Election of club officers.
  • Club development plans.

If you are interested in playing cricket with us for the coming season either as a new member or a rejoining member, then this is the perfect opportunity to meet some of the other members and get involved.

Look forward to seeing you.

The 2018 Committee!

Website is under development

Hi folks, we are currently updating the website to make it a bit more modern and user friendly.

The page will contain fixtures, results, match details and reports, league tables and much more. We will also post up news updates to keep everyone up to date in what is happening.

It is expected that this will happen over september 2018 so check back and see how we are progressing.